Key Contributions

Managed the site redesign
Launched 3x physical products
Audited and revamped the email newsletter
Optimized Online Course retention and completion
Launched Resource Directory
Launched digital events during the pandemic
Launched the first Welcome Series automation and SMS texting, driving 10% revenue.

Photography by Alexi Wifi and Puno Puno

Social Media

Work includes feed planning and analysis, social graphics and Instagram Stories.

Photography by Trisha Weiss and Jessie Cundiff.


Project management, brand strategy, and content production for the edutainment company, founded by digital entrepreneur Puno Puno. ilovecreatives provides resources, online courses, and a feel-good community for freelancers around the world.


Site Redesign

The website underwent an entire redesign and content overhaul from the back end to the front end. I led the project through several hybrid waterfall-agile sprints over the course of 6+ months, launching in Summer 2022.

The scope also included designing entirely new pages like the Course Directory, Internet Gems (inspiring email designs), Resource Directory, and Newsletter.

I led the overall strategy for these pages, working closely with Puno and our creative team.


Online Courses

ilovecreatives' primary revenue drivers are the online courses — standing apart from competitors with Puno's charismatic, humorous and authentic approach to teaching. Our primary goals were driving student leads and improving current student course progression for our signature Squarespace Design Course — which we achieved.

This project began with a two-prong approach —

1. Course Leads Working closely with Puno and Bambi Nguyen, our Growth Marketer, to create a lead gen quiz, VideoAsk experience, and optimize paid ads, course marketing pages, and email flows.

2. Course Progression — I audited the full course experience and listened to our TAs and Students to identify gaps in resources and the course product itself. We then updated the course videos, redesigned our Resource Library, launched level-based email automations, and created entirely new resources (Level Guides).


Social Media

Throughout my time at ilovecreatives, I worked closely with Puno, Phuong (our Art Director) and our rolodex of freelance designers and creatives to design inspiring, funny, and useful social content. We optimized for course revenue, event sign-ups and Instagram saves and sends (indicating high-value engagement). During this time, I managed social content production and strategized what content to include, often pulling from Puno's course videos and podcast appearances.

See below for content samples.
Designs by Phuong Nguyen, Grant Gulla, Olivia Genovese, Fiona Ye.

Physical Products

I led the launch of three physical products — the ilovecreatives Nalgene water bottle, the Don't Burn Out Candle (a social enterprise collaboration with The Downtown Women's Center), and the Nail Wraps collaboration with Stay Sticki. My responsibilities included social media marketing, paid ads and e-commerce planning and execution — working with our in-house and freelance teams.

- Project Management
- Landing Page Copy
- Operations
- Social Media Marketing

3D renders by Alexi Wifi. Product designs by Puno Puno, Sarah Campbell, and Hannah La Salvia.

Community Events

I worked with Puno and Shawn Binder, our Partnerships Manager, to produce digital events for our global community during the pandemic. My role directly managed the event operations, pre- and post- marketing, and reporting. This programming drove 10% revenue and 20% leads in 2020. 

- Project Management
- Event Programming
- Event Operations
- Event Marketing
- SMS Texting

Graphics designed by Puno Puno, Olivia Genovese and myself.



Project Management System for Instagram on Notion


Project Management

In addition to strategy and execution, I developed and maintained our Notion Project Management System across all of our projects. 

Below, you'll see a taste of our Instagram Workflow, which connected to Google Drive, Figma, and email.