As an artist, my work revolves around the intersection of identity, otherness and culture.

My experience as a Chinese-American adoptee continually pushes me to consider dualities of self and what it means to understand yourself and your passions - through both abstract and figurative, digital and analog explorations.

Welcome to the Family

墨 Mò india ink. 2019.

The Foundling

Installation. 14ft tall. Graphite, pencil on paper, shrubbery, foam, moss. 2017.

Jiǎn Doe

Sharpie on cardboard. 2018.

Proclivity of Memory - SF, Hangzhou, LA

Oil pastel on toned paper. 5 x 7 ft. 2017.

Sounds of City Silence

Screenprint. 18 x 24 in. 2017.

Red, Yellow, Blue: Sitting By Oneself on the Tube

Video. 2017

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